” You can’t do that!”

” It’ll never work!”

” Why do you want to do that?”

These are some of the things that were said to us, well……

2 people + 1 million obstacles, 1000 doubters + 1 love + 1 huge idea = The Willows, where our dreams have become reality.

A couple of our friends ( Andy + Bridget,  took some photos of our place and put them onto their own blog site and had some really nice comments  back about them, so we thought that we would show how it all came about…This is not about a big slap on the back, its about  an alternative way of life, living an ordinary way..( Ish )!!!

This was the start, A 35 foot caravan. Once it was in place the extention was ready to go.

Oh, theres me again making the first cut.

The first part of the base going down.. We built the floor in 5 x 7 feet sections and nailed them all together.

The main frame work going up. We sat there with graph paper over and over until we were happy with where everything should be before starting.

The top of the structure, we made this the same way as the base and put uprights in to support it all.

A view of the roof of the extention. These were 8 x 4 foot boards.

Wind proofing !

Ship lap as the outer covering.

All the floor, walls and roof with 4 inches of insulation.

So, there we go with the first part of the main structure..In later pages we will go into the water, electricity and sewage systems… Enjoy..