We just thought that it was about time we introduced you to the rest of the family at the Willows.They are all really important to the whole place.

These two are our little babies, WHISKEY AND JINGO.  Whiskey is 10 and Jingo is 9, they go everywhere with us. when we go off in our VW camper,they are in the back. If I go out in the car Whiskey is always with me ( don’t tell the police that i’m driving with whiskey ! )

This is the Whigsta with Jake ( the name Jake we got from the film AVATAR, blue and yellow !).

Say cheese ! JINGO jones is a real poser. He was found, dumped , in a shed by ‘E’s niece. He was left to die at 4 weeks old, and he is completely deaf.

Now these two reprobates are BOWIE AND FLOYD ( now u can tell a part of our music likes ! ). They really do play a big part in the Willows life, they keep the land down and all their ‘POO’ is collected and put into piles, once its broken down it goes into the veg patches. Some of it we put into a barrel of water to break down, so that you can put a watering can in to water an instant feed to veg like onions.

I wonder if DR Dolitle knows that we have his ‘ Push me pull me’?!?.

AH, now then, this should be our cat ‘BOLLO’  BUT, the feilne that he is ( er sorry Felis Domesticas, ) he refused to be part of what he considers to be a blatant invasion of privacy !!!!!

We did have another cat but unfortunately he died earlier this year, his name was ‘MAORI’ because he was ‘ all black’.

Also we had chickens, but the fox took them in the winter. we will get more in the spring.

We hope you like our family.. Enjoy.