Ever decreasing pumpkins. You can figure out the most fertile part of our garden !?!

We’ve heard of so many differing versions of where this festival actually started….. does anyone truly know?

Folklore has it that Samhain (soween) was a festival (the feast of sowen) that was held to honour loved ones that were dead. There’s the belief that on this night the barrier between this world and the other world becomes fragile allowing spirits both harmless anf harmful to pass through. The harmless spirits should be embraced and the harmful spirits repelled, hence the carving of faces into large vegetables such as turnips or pumpkins (the latter being easier to carve!)

Pumpkin soup in a pumpkin! NO, those aren’t white chocolate buttons, that’s my attempt to swirl cream! Pumpkin soup is delicious with home made cheese scones.


‘Could I borrow a witches flying machine, I’d visit you on Hallowe’en.’


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  1. ceciliag
    Oct 31, 2011 @ 18:02:28

    What a perfectly perfect black cat for the season. Our pumpkins were rubbish this year. Such a disappointment. Your pumpkin soup looks so sweet with its little lid! Have a great day.. c


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