A big welcome from Willowarchway

The simple fact is that our place is completely off the grid, with a wind turbine and solar panels for our complete power, and our own spring well, that I dug myself, and of course  the house was built by ourselves, starting with a 35 foot caravan and then building  onto it a wooden extension of the same size. But this is all merely the start of the journey. please keep reading and watching because we would like to show you that anything is possible with an idea, and lots of hard work !.

This is “The Willows looking through the Salix archway

Turbine ( 40′ high ) and photovoltic panels


Now, with this being our first blog ( ever ) I didnt want to go into too much complicated detail about anything, especially the electricity, but we will in future blogs. In this one, we  just wanted to show you a few photo’s of the place. So we hope you all enjoy.

As you can see, this is a side view of the extention ( 11 x 35 feet ). This contains the kitchen and bathroom, (obviously seperate). We will show how it was built.

Our solid fuel range, this heats the water , the radiators and the oven for cooking

The dining area

Our FEDGING, this has only taken 3 years to this standed, we will do a full section on this.










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