Yes, after a break we’re back !!!!

One of the reasons we were away was simply that we had caught up with real time. As we’ve said before, we started this project coming up to 6 years ago so what you were reading was an accumulation of the past 5 years to show you that it’s possible to build an eco friendly living environment and still live a relatively normal life. Once this information was out we couldn’t see the point of just talking for the sake of it. We like to be informative not boring.

Anyway,the time has come and we have some new projects on the go and on the way.

First things first, we had a disaster the other week with our wind power (all sorted out now though !). It started over Christmas when the winds were so high that it broke the wind turbine. Well, the turbine has a safety mechanism that locks the blades open so that the wind blows straight through  to stop the dynamo burning out. And like this it stayed until a few weeks ago because I was too scared to bring it down ( it’s a big bloody thing and very heavy). So, I plucked up the courage, got the solar panels out of the way, the jeep into position, bull wire between the guy wires and jeep and lowered it down, no problem.

I put the blades back into position, gave the turbine a service and started to pull it back up by reversing the jeep. Half way up and SNAP !!!

The bull wire snapped and down the turbine came smashing into the ground. One of the blades had broken onto 3 pieces. My heart sank and E said my face was the same as an upset Stewie Griffin from Family Guy. This then turned into a full blown toddler temper tantrum. I had some very heavy words to say to the blinking thing and they were more colourful than a Jackson Pollock painting and just as big !

Then the despair set in, that’s half of our power down. But, after sitting for a few minutes stroking our dogs, I thought ‘Well. it’s not worked since Christmas anyway and we always had enough power with just the solar panels’.

One of the strange things though is that I never really thought the turbine gave out enough power, so I thought ‘Well, let’s see what I can do?’ So, I set about looking in my new shed ( you’ll see this in another blog ) and found some bits. I put lots of super glue on all of the different broken parts and hoped for the best, what else could I do ? To my surprise the glue worked and just to make sure I screwed some small brackets between all of the broken parts to add strength whilst hoping it wasn’t going to throw the balance out. Only one way to find out !

I then decided that the jeep wasn’t big enough to pull the weight and length back up ( we used to have a Hi-Lux before), so I decided to reduce the length of the pole from 40 feet to 20 feet. I also thought that the electrical wiring I’d put in was too thick so I replaced this with thinner wire.

This time it pulled up easily and locked into position and it was back up !!!!

It immediately started spinning again and the power output is now alot better. We had high winds the other day and night and the repaired blade is working fine. I think that the thickness and the distance was creating too much resistance. DC power does not travel well which is why AC took over as it doesn’t lose power over a great distance.

Unfortunately there are no photos of the broken blade as I was too traumatised to contemplate that. I thought that I would probably break the camara as well ( through petulance!)

Even though this happened, it  just goes to show that some days things just break !!! It all depends on how you handle it because when you live like this you are, and have to be, the master of your own destiny.

When you have  sights and views like these on your own land, doesn’t it make it all worthwhile ?


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Bridget
    Jun 11, 2012 @ 14:20:56

    Hey guys, welcome back! You were missed. Blogland needs good informative blogs so keep it goin. Great pics!


  2. flissandbigbear
    Jun 12, 2012 @ 06:02:59

    Nice to have you back Willow Wizards 🙂 xxx


  3. flissandbigbear
    Jun 12, 2012 @ 06:06:38

    Nice to have you back Willow Wizards – and good work, beautiful views and inspiration as always xxx


  4. ceciliag
    Jun 13, 2012 @ 12:12:11

    welcome back and wow what a wind machine, i would love one of those! gorgeous views, just a sandwich and a thermos of tea and that view and I would be all good for the day!


  5. gaiamethod
    Jun 21, 2012 @ 12:17:52

    Like you say sh*t happens. Its how you deal with it that’s important!!! Great blog!


  6. Wind Turbines (@byowt)
    Nov 05, 2012 @ 22:17:21

    Hi guys, there I was browsing the interweb when I saw a building that looked familiar and sure enough – tis yourselves! Wow, the photos of the system brought back some memories, that’s quite some years ago. We sometimes have wondered if you guys were still living here, so now we know you are. Your place looks great, well done!
    Glad to hear the auld superwind is still flying, even if it has a slightly clipped wing! Just keep an eye on that thinner wire, make sure it’s thick enough for the amps in the winter winds and doesn’t overheat. Next time you want to get a closer look at the turbine give us a shout and we’ll pop over.


  7. Willowarchway
    Nov 06, 2012 @ 14:17:52

    Hi, great to hear from you. The system is running really well for us along side the secondary system ( which you can see what I mean on other posts). I will keep an eye on the thinner wire, but it’s definitely improved battery imput. When I’ve built my bigger turbine will give you a shout for extra hands, but of course you can call round anytime.


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