Christchurch S.Island.

The Wizard. He talks to people in the Cathedral Square everyday about any subject!

The Wizards car. Isn’t it brilliant?

Christchurch Cathedral. This  unfortunately is no longer there after the earthquake of last year.

Hundreds of Dusky Dolphins off the coast of Kaukoura, South Island.

‘Roaring Meg’. The first bungee jump ever was done over this river!

Queenstown. Looking at the ‘Remarkables’. And they are truly remarkable!!

Me and my backpack. Yes, I was leaning forward because of the weight!!

This is ‘E’ in front of Mount Cook. At 3755 metres high it is the highest peak in Australasia. We camped under the mount  listening to avalanches all night! It was freezing cold at night even though it was N.Z. summer.

Rotorua. New Year’s Day and  the first shaft of sunlight of 2001 in the world (except for Fiji)

White Island. This is an active volcano in the Bay Of Plenty. We had to wear gas masks and chemical suits because the air is so poisonous with sulphur.

Ka mate,Ka mate

Ka ora, Ka ora

Tenei tetangata, puhuruhuru

Nana i tiki mai whakawhiti te ra

Upane, upane

Upane kaupane

Whiti te ra…….

Happy New Year