We’ve gone a bit mad lately what with preserving produce and making wine and beer and because half of our house is a caravan, space has suddenly become a problem. A caravan has limited space with small rooms and we’ve been wanting to extend our bedroom, which was connected to the original bathroom, and this bathroom was being used as a store room, and we were just throwing everything in there, and it got to the stage where we couldn’t even get in there without smash,clank clank ! Something had to be done.  Now, this room is north facing and is quite cool,dark and dry, so it would be perfect for a larder to store all of our produce,preserves, wine etc. After ripping out the old fittings, I decided to use half of the remaining space and use the other half to extend the bedroom. This would make an area for the larder of 6.6 feet high, 3.5 feet wide and 2 feet deep.

The finished larder.

A double door will be fitted in the next few days and we will tile the walls and shelves to make it extra cold. Also, there is a vent in the floor so air can circulate.

There’s more at the door ! We are just keeping the babies warm and at this rate I’ll be building an extension !! Think I overfilled the demis, oh well, that means more in the glass then !